Gel Pads for Metatarsal Pain

Gel pads are an excellent way to add some comfort and support for feet with a number of medical and pain management issues. Many podiatrists and assorted doctors will recommend that you put gel pads or similar orthotic inserts in your shoes if you plan on standing for prolonged periods of time. They have proven benefits including treating existing foot and ankle problems, as well as preventing new ones from cropping up, and they are used by everyone from waitresses to professional athletes.


Metatarsal pain is often treated by the use of metatarsal pads. One of the most popular types are gel pads. They are also widely used to treat plantar fasciitis. This type of injury is common among athletes and runners who put a lot of pressure on their feet. This disorder is the result of an inflammation of the connective tissue that connects different parts of the foot structure. It can be very painful to the touch, and may make even walking difficult. They can help sooth the pain associated with this issue, and can help prevent further injury to the area. In regards to metatarsalgia they help with spreading out or alleviating the pressure on the painful area of the foot.

Conditions Improved by Using Gel Pads

Gel pads have proven to be useful in treating similar foot disorders, including bursitis in the heel area. Swelling associated with bursitis may make it difficult to fit the foot into a standard shoe. If you are suffering from this ailment, consider buying a specially designed medical shoe that will give some breathing room. These shoes can also be fitted with inserts, which can provide support and further ease the pain associated with bursitis.

Blisters and plantar warts may also spring up from time to time, and incapacitate people who depend on standing to make a living. Some padded inserts can be bought with specially designed bandages incorporated, which will soak the area in a medicated and cushioned support system. This can aid the healing process, and ensure that these wounds don’t become infected. It is especially important to block the wound from coming into contact with sweat or liquids that can contain bacteria. These pads and other inserts can fill in that role nicely.


You can buy gel pads of almost any shape or size for your shoes. You can even buy them in bulk, and then cut them down to size to fit the soles for each of your family members to get this added support for your feet. Some manufacturers support this practice, even including a cutting guide on the package that will let you know what size to trim down towards for full-foot protection. If you are suffering from metatarsal pain one of the various types of metatarsal pads may be the answer for improving your day-to-day life. Don’t forget to consult a physician regarding your sore feet though, as you will want to get a proper diagnosis my a medical professional before deciding on a course of action.

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